Fried Bologna Sandwiches in Waldo, Ohio

After the adventure of visiting the Marion Cemetery, we headed to Waldo Ohio for fried bologna sandwiches.  I’m not sure how something at a restaurant gets to be “famous.”  At least they don’t say “world-famous.”  I’m also not sure how Mom and Dad heard about these famous fried bologna sandwiches.  But it sounded like a fun place to go.

G and R Tavern in Waldo is known for its famous fried bologna sandwiches.  It is the only place to eat in Waldo, a little town just south of Marion on US 23.  The tavern is also the busiest place in town, or at least it was on the Friday we visited.  We placed our order for carryout, ordering four fried bologna sandwiches, some curly fries, and one piece of mile-high chocolate pie.

When the order was ready I went in to the tavern to get it.  The place was hopping with a carryout line, full tables, and every stool at the counter filled.  There was a sign about wearing masks except when eating your food and they were really enforcing that.  The waitress brought my order out quickly and I was soon out of the restaurant.

We located the Waldo community park with a picnic pavilion for eating our lunch.  It was a beautiful day – sunny and in the upper 60’s, so it was a great day for eating outside.

Mom just had mustard on her sandwich
I got lettuce and cheese
Curly fries
Mile high chocolate pie
Enjoying the beautiful day
Other kinds of pie available

The fried bologna sandwiches were very good.  I’m not really a fried bologna aficionado, but the bologna was at least 1/2″ thick with a nice pepper seasoning.  The waitress told me that most people get lettuce and cheese on their sandwiches, so we all had variations of that.  We all shared the curly fries which were also good.  But I had forgotten to get ketchup and they would have been better with ketchup.  Although the bologna was thick, the sandwiches were not oversized.  They were served on a regular sized hamburger bun.

We decided to save the mile-high pie for later.  We all piled in the car again and made a short stop at Fort Morrow.  One TripAdvisor reviewer called it “the best invisible fort in Ohio.”  Fort Morrow is remembered today with a historical marker because the original fort is gone.  It was one of six forts built during the War of 1812 to protect settlers on the Ohio frontier.  Fort Meigs is the best known of those six forts today.

When we got back to Mansfield we divided the huge piece of pie and all enjoyed trying it.  It was very good and chocolatey.  The filling was thicker than pudding or french silk.  And, because it was so tall, we all got a good sized portion, although it didn’t look like a piece of pie while we were eating it.

We enjoyed our visit to the little town of Waldo.  If you like fried bologna sandwiches, you definitely need to stop here and try one.