Giammarcos Italian Restaurant in Westerville

When John and Jackie came over to celebrate my birthday, I picked takeout from Giammarcos Italian Restaurant for our dinner.  The coronavirus means we don’t eat in restaurants, which is half the fun.  It also makes for more interesting reading in the blog.  But I still wanted to try out this new-to-us place to eat.

Giammarcos Italian Restaurant is located just down US 3 from us.  We drive past it every time we go to Westerville.  I have been wanting to try it every since we moved here, but Tom isn’t a big fan of Italian.  So my birthday pick gave me the perfect chance for us to try it out.  Sunday after online church I tried to order online, but they said that 2:30 was the earliest curbside pickup.  So I called them instead and they took the order and had it ready for John and Jackie to pick up at 12:30.

The restaurant looks spectacular from the road and the pictures I saw of the inside make it look like a good place for a gathering.  But, for now, this review is based only on the food.  John ordered a breakfast stromboli, Tom got a regular stromboli, Jackie had a chicken parmigiana sandwich, and I got Penne Pusateri – a house specialty.  Although the stromboli looked overdone, both Tom and John said they were very good.  And Jackie, who is a chicken parmigiana connoisseur, said it might be the best chicken parm she had ever had.  My Penne Pusateri was delicious and there was enough for supper the next day.

The dessert menu also looked wonderful with a variety of house-made desserts.  They even have 10 different kinds of gelato, which is the biggest variety of gelato I’ve ever seen in the US.  I ordered a piece of carrot cake but that is part of tomorrow’s blog post.

I enjoyed my meal from Giammarcos Italian Restaurant very much.  The food was good, as was the company.  I hope I don’t have to wait until my birthday next year to eat there again.