Giordanos Pizza in Columbus

Giordanos Pizza recently opened a restaurant in Columbus.  Tom loves Giordanos.  He had it for the first time the summer he studied at the University of Chicago, back in 1979.  Ever since then, whenever we are close to Chicago, he wants a deep-dish stuffed pizza.  Fortunately (maybe) we no longer have to drive all the way to Chicago to get one.

Giordanos claims to the be the original deep-dish stuffed pizza.  The first restaurant opened in Chicago in 1974, started by Italian brothers Efren and Joseph Boglio.  Since then, the deep-dish, double crust pizza symbolizes Chicago-style pizza.  You probably haven’t had pizza like this unless you have been to Chicago.

John and Jackie decided that we needed to go to Giordanos before we left Ohio.  Giordanos is now a franchise and there are 18 locations in the United States, most of them in the Chicago area.  The one in Columbus has been a hit from the start and is very busy around mealtime.  Making a work of art takes time, and the waiter warns you before you order that it takes an hour before your pizza will be ready.  If you know what you want, it is a good idea to order ahead!

The Giordanos Pizza in Columbus is located at Polaris, just across from Sweet Carrot.  We ate there on a Sunday after church and it was busy but we didn’t have to wait for a table.  People were relaxed and chatting with each other as they waited for their pizza creations.  After a discussion, we ordered two small deep dish pizzas:  buffalo chicken and traditional pepperoni.  We also got an appetizer sampler platter because we knew the pizza would be a while coming.

Buffalo Chicken
Traditional pepperoni
Waiting for pizza
Outdoor seating
Busy kitchen

Finally the pizza arrived, served by the manager of the restaurant.  All the Giordanos restaurants have the manager serve you your first slice of pizza pie.  As he lifted the slice of pizza high above the pan, the cheese stretched from the pan to the plate.  Of course, it looked and tasted delicious.  Each slice of Giordanos pizza is a meal in itself.  You don’t have three or four pieces of this pizza.  With the thin crust, then cheese, sauce, and other toppings, another layer of crust with more cheese, sauce and toppings, once piece pretty much fills you up.

Giordanos Pizza is unique and garners frequent media coverage.  It has been named “Best Pizza” by NBC, CBS Chicago, Home and Garden Magazine and the New York Times.  I have to admit this will never be my favorite kind of pizza.  I like thicker crust and less toppings.  But Tom loves it and I am willing to indulge in his favorite kind of pizza occasionally.  With one located just around the corner from where we stay in Ohio, I’m sure we will be eating there more frequently.