Hogback Ridge Park Near Sunbury, Ohio

In our continuing exploration of the area, Tom and I recently hiked around Hogback Ridge Park, a Delaware County Preserve.  As I’ve mentioned before, Delaware County has done a really good job of preserving green spaces close to its towns and housing developments.  The weather has been cold and snowy, but it is nice to have places to get out and walk, even when the it is chilly.

Hogback Ridge is a smaller park, with only 41 acres.  But it encompasses a beautiful ravine and has a nice trail system.  The three trails are short but give you a nice walk in the woods.  There are two loop trails and a short connector trail.  The connector goes across the ravine and has impressive steps and a bridge.  We went there the day after a snowstorm, so the stairs were a little icy and slippery.  The two loop trails, however, were very nice.  Because they were so short we did each of the loops twice, skipping the stairs for the road on the way back.

Trail map
Nature Center and office
One of the loops
Ravine staircase

Hogback Ridge is home to the Delaware County Preservations Park Office.  It also has a small nature center.  Even though rangers were working on the day we were there, the office and nature center were closed to the public due to Covid-19.  It would be nice to go back and check out the nature center when it is open.

Several of the parks in Delaware County have bridle trails, which are only for horses.  Hogback Ridge is connected to the Alum Creek State Park Bridle Trail.  Although you can ride on the bridle trail in the park, you can only access it from Alum Creek State Park.

We enjoyed our little hike at Hogback Ridge.  Checking out the unique places in the area is part of the fun of living in a place.