One Size Fits All With Jesus

Have you ever ordered anything “one size fits all?”  Did it fit?  I must be an odd size because nothing like that ever fits me.  Even when things come in sizes, I often have a hard time getting the right size, especially when it is a gift.

First sweater I knit. Back in 1983.

For instance, I ordered a really cute sweatshirt for Tom for Christmas.  The reviews said it ran small, so I got a XXL – one size larger than I would normally order.  When it came I looked at it and decided to try it on.  It barely fit around my chest and the sleeves were a good six inches over the ends of my hands.  I had Tom try it on so I could return it, and he couldn’t even get it over his shoulders.  It is from Great Britain.  Maybe people in Great Britain are shaped differently than people in the United States.  Really skinny with freakishly long arms.  It reminded me of the first sweater I knitted – and the reason I usually stick to knitting socks, scarves, and shawls.

But there is one gift that really is one size fits all.  That gift is Jesus come to earth at Christmas.  God sent us the gift of Jesus in a baby-size so that he would be accessible to all of us.  But God also gave us the gift of a savior in a man-size so he would be big enough to save us all.

The gift of Jesus meets all our needs all the time.  What do you need in your life?  Grace?  Love?  Acceptance?  Challenge?  Jesus offers us all those things.  Jesus never turns anyone away.  In fact, the only people who turn away are those who reject Jesus.  Jesus welcomes the outcasts, the poor, the rich, and even those who think they are too good for him.  He welcomes us all at his table.  He welcomes us all into his love and grace.

There is nothing we can do to earn this gift of love and acceptance.  It is offered to everyone.  No one deserves it, but it is the one size fits all gift.  All we have to do is say yes and accept the gift.  It is okay if we come to him with empty hands and broken hearts.  It is okay if we feel we don’t deserve his love or have forgotten how wondrous the gift is.  Just say yes.

Come Lord Jesus, be our guest.
By thy gifts may we be blessed.
Bless our loved ones everywhere
And keep them in your loving care.

May you have a wonderful Christmas and may the greatest gift of all – Jesus – live in your heart and life.