Iowa Best Burger Cafe and Kellogg RV Park

On our way from Nebraska to Ohio we spent a night at Iowa Best Burger Cafe and Kellogg RV Park.  I don’t usually write about places we stay unless we have been there at least two nights, but I am making an exception here.  Iowa Best Burger Cafe and Kellogg RV Park is exactly the kind of place we often see in rural areas.

Just doing one thing, or having one job, is not enough in the rural areas of the United States.  You might be a farmer who also works as an accountant.  You might own a gift shop that is also a soda fountain with a grocery store connected.  Iowa Best Burger Cafe and Kellogg RV Park is an excellent example of this necessary multi-tasking.

We needed a place to spend the night after driving 400 miles.  We weren’t picky – just someplace to park the RV for the night with water and electric.  Kellogg RV Park is a small, basic place to do just that.  There are 38 spots and about 10 of them had permanent residents.  None of the spots were long or wide, but our RV fit just fine in pull-through spot 24.

Solar farm
RV park
Our rig parked
Phillips 66 gas station with diesel and propane
Iowa Best Burger Cafe
Over 2 million burgers served
Convenience store
Ice cream to go
Gas station stayed busy
Tables in the Cafe
Our burger and fries

We paid for our spot (just $25 a night!) in the office.  The office is located at the gas station next to the RV park.  The office is also a small convenience store and gift shop.  But the busiest part of of the place is the Iowa Best Burger Cafe.  The grill is behind the counter of the office.  There is a selection of nine sandwiches, three sides, one salad, and sixteen flavors of ice cream.  The menu fits on a business card.

After we got the RV set up, we walked back to the Cafe for supper.  After all, they advertise Iowa’s Best Burger, so we had to try the burger.  We also got some fries and a side salad.  The burger was good enough.  Tom thought it was a great burger.  I figured it was probably the best burger I have had in Iowa because I haven’t had any other burgers in Iowa.  It was similar to a Wendy’s single.  Basic food but served hot, fresh, and cheap.

The family that runs Iowa Best Burger Cafe and Kellogg RV Park also own the farm that surrounds this enterprise.  Between the RV park and the Cafe / gas station they also have a solar farm.  The solar panels generate enough electricity to run the business and the farm.  They usually have a surplus to sell back to the electric company.

Iowa Best Burger Cafe and Kellogg RV Park is the only thing at exit 173 on I-80 in Iowa.  They are doing their best to serve all a traveler’s needs.  They are doing their best to survive in the rural U.S.