The Willows

Entrance to The Willows
Entrance to The Willows

Our first stop in our new adventure is a Manufactured Home park in Akron Ohio called “The Willows.” There are 140 manufactured homes packed tightly in a quiet area on the southeast side of the city of Akron. There are also five full-hookup spots for RVs that need to be in the area for a while. Tom and I are staying here until we retire and get out on the road. This is one of the few places with full-hookups to stay in Akron year-round. It is big-rig friendly, but the rv spaces are on an asphalt parking lot. Close to shopping and restaurants, it is a convenient place to park while we were moving and while we are working.

Our "campsite" at The Willows
Our “campsite” at The Willows

The residents have regular potlucks, breakfasts, and get-togethers, which the people in the rvs are welcome to attend. We were surprised at how quiet the location was with people so close together, but everyone is very respectful of the space.  On a quirky note – there was a bigger than life cutout of Bigfoot at the entrance to the park last week for several days.  He disappeared into the woods before I could get a picture of him.  I hope he returns!