The Kiwanis Trail in Adrian

Restrooms along the trail
Trail markers
The Kiwanis Trail leaving (or entering) Trestle Park
Trestle Bridge in Trestle Park

Over the weekend we rode the Kiwanis Trail from Riverside Park in Adrian to Tecumseh.  This is a short but very nice rail-trail that passes through several beautiful parks.  The most spectacular is the Trestle Park at the north end of Adrian.  Trestle Park has a restored depot and a bridge over the railroad trestle.  Trestle Park also has lots of paths that looked like fun to explore.

The Kiwanis Trail is eight miles long and paved with asphalt.  There are several sections where there needs to be some repair to the asphalt.  They also need to put some signs at Trestle Park to show which direction the trail goes.  We wandered around a bit before we figured out which trail continued beyond the park.  The Kiwanis Trail is a mostly wooded corridor that has a few road crossings.  We especially enjoyed the several bridges along the trail despite the bumps and rough spots.  There were stone pillar mile markers and, once we were out of Trestle Park, it was easy to find our way.

Riverside Park at the south end of Adrian is a large park with ball fields and a municipal swimming pool.  It has an impressive bridge over the River Raisin.  Tom and I were intrigued by the name of the river which comes from the French Trappers who were original settlers in the area and named the river after the grapes that grew along the banks.

We enjoyed our ride along the Kiwanis Trail, as we have enjoyed all of the things we have done in Adrian.