Knitted Christmas Gifts Revealed

Prayer shawl

Now that Christmas is over, I can show you what I worked on the last few months.  When last I posted about my knitting, I had just started a prayer shawl.  That prayer shawl was finished soon after we left Grand Portage.  I sent it on to Wedgewood to be included with the prayer shawl dedication.  I make prayer shawls whenever I can because they provide such comfort to people who receive them.  This shawl is a basic k3, p3 and is easy to knit wherever.  I just knitted it until I ran out of the yarn.

William wearing Foxy

Once the prayer shawl was finished, I took a week to knit a baby hat.  The pattern is called “Foxy.”  The pattern was a little bit of a challenge but it came out all right.  I wanted to give it to Ranger Leah (Kings Mountain) who had a baby in July.  Her husband Joseph and baby William came in to visit Leah one day so I was able to give them the hat and take a picture of the family with William wearing it.  He looks adorable!

Mom wearing her mitts

With these projects completed, I started on my knitted Christmas gifts.  I knit a pair of fingerless mitts for my mom.  She has Reynaud’s Disease so her fingers get painfully cold.  I wanted some fingerless mitts that would keep her hands warm but be flexible enough for her to wear while playing piano and doing tasks around the house.  I found the pattern for “Woven Fingerless Mitts” in the book “Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders” by Judith Durant. They turned out just the way I wanted and Mom seemed excited about receiving them on Christmas.

Dad in his socks

I made another knitted Christmas gift for my father.  At some point in the past, when I was talking about knitting socks, he mentioned that I had never knitted a pair for him.  What an oversight!  I knitted him a pair of basic socks in Berroco sock yarn.  Dad’s feet are long and narrow.  The beauty of hand-knitted socks is that you can make them so they fit perfectly.  Dad’s socks might be a little long but he wouldn’t let me shorten them.  I hope he enjoys wearing them.

Is that Jackie or a mermaid?

My BIG knitted Christmas gift was a Mermaid Tail Lapghan for my daughter-in-law Jackie.  She is often cold and loves to snuggle under a warm blanket.  This pattern is nice because you can make a mermaid tail that is like a sleeping bag or knit one like a blanket with a pocket for the feet at the narrow part near the fin.  I also liked the stitch pattern that ended up looking like scales.  I knitted it with two colors of worsted yarn and one fingering weight sparkly yarn.  All three yarns were worked together at the same time.  The Lapghan grew quickly, but I forgot how big an afghan is!  It was definitely my biggest project in a long time.  Jackie loves it, which makes the time well spent.  She snuggled under the lapghan as soon as she opened it.

What am I knitting now?  I’m not telling.  I want it to be a surprise for the person I’m knitting it for!  You will just have to wait and see.

Mermaid tail and stitch detail
Me modeling the woven fingerless mitts
Dad’s socks with skinny ankles
Foxy hat detail


  • Kristine Moye

    Beautiful! I think it is great when someone can create something so beautiful and useful.

    • revkaren54

      We all have different ways of creating beautiful things. Thank you.

  • Kristin Burkey

    I always wanted to learn how to knit, but I’m not sure I’d be able to make anything but scarves!

    • revkaren54

      You start with scarves and work your way up. There are only two kinds of knitting stitches – knit and purl. Everything is a variation on that. I’m sure Beth Greenwald would be glad to teach you!

  • Cheryl

    I finished all my Christmas. Two pair of socks from my two at a time class. Bunches of dishcloths. And this bronco snowman. Not sore what my next project is.

    • revkaren54

      The Bronco snowman is so cute! Do you like knitting socks two at a time? I am still doing one at a time because I always hurry up on the second one to get done with the pair.

      • Cheryl

        yes I love it because when you are done you are done. I would like to do some mission things at this point so maybe mittens two at ta time. Principles are the same. Cool cast on because you are starting at the toe. You would do very well at it, just need someone to show you couple tricks or watch a youtube. I am not great at it but learning.