Krissa and Kyle Get Married – by Me!


Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Reilly

A couple of years ago a young woman, Krissa, from the Wedgewood congregation, got engaged.  Shortly after the engagement, she and her fiance asked me to officiate at the wedding.  Other pastors would be involved, but they wanted me to “do the ceremony.”  I was delighted to say yes, and a couple of weeks ago, Krissa and Kyle got married.

Krissa and Kyle have been dating since Junior year of high school.  They dated through college.  She got a job as an English teacher in Akron and he graduated from medical school.  Krissa got a Master’s Degree and Kyle started his internship in surgery.  They have been together a long time and I have known them all that time.  In fact, I’ve known Krissa since before she was born!

They are a wonderful couple and I was glad to be a part of their wedding celebration.  They got married at Bath United Church of Christ.  Tom and I went up for the rehearsal, attended the rehearsal dinner, stayed overnight, and then did the wedding and reception.  Although both days were cold and rainy, the joy in the event warmed us all.

Krissa and Kyle put a lot of planning into the event.  I joked during the ceremony that they were having a private ceremony attended by 400 of their closest friends.  I enjoyed seeing quite a few people from Wedgewood there.  We had our own area at the reception – in the back corner – and I got to cruise the room and talk to people I hadn’t seen since I retired.

I loved being a pastor at Wedgewood and my love for the people has not diminished just because I rarely see them.  Celebrating the wedding of Krissa and Kyle was a wonderful chance for me to be a pastor again, even if just for an evening.  May Krissa and Kyle’s marriage be as wonderful, full of joy, and blessed as mine has been.