Lime Kiln Cafe, Roche Harbor

While John and Jackie were here, we ate at the Lime Kiln Cafe in Roche Harbor.  Roche Harbor was originally a manufacturing company town that produced 1,500 pounds of lime per day from 1880 to 1930.  Lime was an important ingredient in cement manufacturing.  When the company was sold in 1956, the town turned into a resort.  Today it has a historic hotel and cottages, condos, houses, several restaurants, and a grocery store.

The Lime Kiln Cafe is our current favorite restaurant, at least if you measure the frequency.  We ate there with Eric and Sandy, John and Jackie, and three times with Johnny and Val.  Most people on the island recommend it as one of the best places to get sandwiches.  When people at English Camp ask us where to eat, we always mention Lime Kiln Cafe.  It is the closest restaurant to our part of the park.

Lime Kiln Cafe is known for their donuts, fresh-made every morning.  I especially like them because they are cake donuts and those are my favorites.  Johnny is not a big fan because he likes raised donuts (think Krispy Kreme).  I always get a donut that I share with anyone who wants a bite.  The donuts are served when you first order, so we eat them as an appetizer.

Breakfast is served from 8 until 11.  We ate breakfast there one day and it was delicious!  Tom and I shared a donut and the Iron Skillet  The Iron Skillet is three eggs with three kinds of cheese scrambled with bacon and sausage.  It also included a biscuit.  Splitting it made the serving sizes just right.  Tom was tempted to get the Noble Pig, but decided it probably had enough sodium to kill him outright.  Here is the breakfast menu if you want to drool.

Lunch is served from 11 until 4 and features sandwiches and salads.  Val loves the Cobb Salad.  Tom’s favorite is the Cattle Point Bacon Burger.  In fact, he has the same thing every time we go during lunch.  I try something different every time and they have all been good.  You stand in line to order, get a number, then the meal is brought to your table.  All the sandwiches are served with fries or coleslaw – the standard sides on the island.

From June 25 through Labor Day, the Lime Kiln Cafe serves pizza from 5 to 9 p.m.  This is what we ate with John and Jackie.  We ordered three different pizzas and each one was delicious. We also had some leftovers.

One of the nice things about the Lime Kiln Cafe is its location in the middle of Roche Harbor.  We are surrounded by beautiful boats.  I enjoy watching people come off their boats to go grocery shopping or to enjoy a meal.  We often see floatplanes land or take off.  You can eat outside or inside and the view is great either way.  On the day we ate there with John and Jackie a local marimba band provided dinner music.

Roche Harbor from the parking lot
The old lime kilns
Still called the Company Store
Historic Haro Hotel
I’ll take one of those!
Creative name for a necessary business
Pineapple and ham pizza
Classic pepperoni
Marimba band
Johnny and Tom at a table inside

Lime Kiln Cafe is just a few miles from English Camp so we will continue to eat there on a regular basis.  The food is delicious, the view is stunning, and it is a fun place to be.