Maple Donuts in York, Pennsylvania

After we ate at Mission BBQ in York, Pennsylvania, Tom and I walked down the shopping strip to Maple Donuts.  I wanted to try some local donuts and get some to take to Overshot class the next day.

Maple Donuts is a York staple.  Charles Burnside started making donuts in 1946 and selling them to local schools and churches.  He opened the first store location on Maple Street in York – hence the name.  Today Maple Donuts has four locations throughout York County, all of them open 24 hours a day.

Maple Donuts is also a leading producer of frozen bakery products for In-Store and Food Service Bakeries.  They offer a full selection of Ready to Finish, Ready to Sell, and Ready to Serve varieties including Classic Donuts, Signature Items, and Seasonal Varieties.  They are still involved in providing donuts as fund-raisers for churches and schools.

Tom and I stopped by the store in the evening, after our supper at Mission BBQ.  That was a good time to go because it wasn’t busy and we weren’t hungry.  The not being hungry was important because every single donut looked mouth-wateringly delicious.  There were two young adults behind the counter, so we asked them for recommendations.  They had the usual donuts:  glazed, blueberry cake, chocolate frosted long johns.  But they also had a variety of unique donuts, such as peanut butter and jelly, filled caramel and pretzel crunch, and “The Trump.”  I’m not sure what that last one was, but I wasn’t going to choose it.

I chose an apple pie donut.  It was a yeast donut with apple pie filling and vanilla and caramel icing.  Tom chose a double chocolate cake donut.  He could order a devils food donut (single), a devils food donut with chocolate icing (double) or a devils food donut with chocolate icing and sprinkles (triple).  He’s not a big fan of sprinkles, so he settled for the double chocolate.  We also got two dozen donut holes to take to class the next day.  We figured donut holes were about right for snacking since the donuts themselves were so large and rich.

My apple pie donut

Tom and I ate half our donut that night and half the next day.  Both donuts were absolutely, wonderfully delicious.  I also had a blueberry cake donut hole during class the next day which was very good.  The rest of the donut holes disappeared quickly during class.

We very much enjoyed our donuts from Maple Donuts.  It is probably a good thing we don’t live close to Maple Donuts.  I would be tempted to stop by there every day!  I especially like their motto, “A balanced diet is a donut in each hand!”