March Showers Bring Beautiful April Flowers

Tom and I have really been delighting in the April flowers around our house.  We didn’t know if there were any spring flowers around the house because we didn’t move in until August.  Tom and I planted dozens of daffodil bulbs last fall, so we were eager to see them.  We got a variety of daffodils from Brecks, which has the most awesome daffodils ever.

Not only have our daffodils come up beautifully, but we also discovered lots of other daffodils all over the beds.  We also had a wonderful crop of hyacinths.  The flowers started in the middle of March with snowdrops poking up as soon as the snow melted.  The daffodils we planted last fall are supposed to be late bloomers, so I anticipate some will still be coming up for a while.

We have a forsythia outside my office window and I’ve enjoyed the bright yellow blooms.  Washington DC doesn’t have anything on our front yard!  We have a Japanese weeping cherry tree and we can enjoy its blossoms anytime without worrying about crowds.

I love the flowers that bloom in the spring and I am enjoying seeing them come up in our yard.  They are a joy and delight to me.  The showers of March brought beautiful April flowers.  Now, if we can just get the grass to grow!

Snowdrops, the first to come up
Hyacinths and daffodils in front
Daffodils in back
Weeping cherry