Maywood Grill in Chalk Hill, Pennsylvania

While my brother and his family were here we ate at the Maywood Grill in Chalk Hill.  Even though the Maywood Grill is just a couple of miles away from us, we had not eaten there before.  We had tried, but they seemed to be closed on the days we wanted to eat there.  Maywood Grill is open Tuesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., but closes at 3 on Sundays and stays closed on Mondays.  They were also closed one Tuesday we drove by but we don’t know why.

So we were glad to find it open so we could try it out.  The Maywood Grill is a new restaurant, opened in 2014.  The owners, Brady and Casey Henger, are committed to serving fresh food with local ingredients.  Even the bread, pizza dough, and salad dressings are made from scratch.

There were plenty of good options on the menu.  Grace and I ordered the ultimate grilled cheese, without the blue cheese.  Kat and Tom both ordered burgers.  Kathy got the soup of the day:  white bean chicken chili and half a BLT.  Steve ordered the special which was ham and barbecue.  We also ordered onion rings or french fries as sides.  Their pizza oven was out of order so no one ordered a pizza.

Ultimate grilled cheese and onion rings
Ham and barbecue special
Burger and fries
White chili
Pies and cookies
Pies and cupcakes

Everything was very good.  I especially liked the ultimate grilled cheese which was a perfect grilled cheese sandwich served on their homemade bread.  I wasn’t as crazy about the onion rings, mainly because it was hard to distinguish the rings.  Tom said his burger was very good and he liked the fries.  We all had plenty to eat without it being too much.

Maywood Grill also has a variety of homemade desserts.  We were too full from our meal to order dessert, but I picked up a chocolate cookie and cinnamon roll for later.  You can go into the bistro section of the restaurant and just order coffee and a sweet.  Several people were taking advantage of the free wifi.

We enjoyed our lunch at Maywood Grill very much.  We had excellent service and our food came quickly.  It was fresh and delicious.  The prices were more reasonable than a lot of the places close to us.  We would not hesitate to take other people there, especially since I now know the hours.