Mothers Day Weekend to Remember

I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day and got to spend it with some women that you love.  My Mothers Day was great but was even better because I enjoyed an entire Mothers Day Weekend!  Not just one day – but three days to celebrate love and family and mothers.

Table full of stuff

We started our Mothers Day Weekend with a fun family get together on Saturday.  We shared a meal together with my brother and his wife, my sister and her husband, Mom and Dad, and Tom and me.  Everyone brought a generous portion of food so no one felt burdened.  None of the youngest generation was able to attend, but we enjoyed our time talking together.  Three of us (me, my brother-in-law, and my sister-in-law) all turn 60 this year, so we aren’t a group of youngsters anymore.

Steve with the things he selected

My parents are getting ready to move into a retirement condo complex and are working on cleaning out closets.  They piled a bunch of stuff – all kinds of odds and ends – on the ping pong table in the basement and invited us all to take what we wanted.  Tom and I got some books and some canning jars for John.  Julia picked up some stuff for her son, Jared, who is moving into his own apartment this month.  But what we enjoyed most about this was my brother, Steve.  A lot of the things on the table were his toys from childhood, and he played with them as he sorted through the table.  We shared lots of “remember when” moments.  We laughed and reminisced as he made a small pile of stuff to take with him.  Watching him play and remembering together was a joy.

We had time for a game of dominoes before everyone headed back to their separate lives.  The game was heated and close.  I won with Steve coming in just a few points behind me.  We played with the double 12 dominoes which presented some challenges.  So many dots!  With so many people playing, you couldn’t get a good string going.  Fortunately someone usually had a penny up and we all jumped on the open strings when we could.

My beautiful mother wearing the shawl I made her

On Sunday Tom and I headed back up to Lexington to go to church with Mom and Dad.  Last fall I volunteered to preach on Mother’s Day as a special gift to my mom.  Pastor Glenn was glad to take me up on it as he was already planning to take the day off.  I preached on Jesus and his relationship with his mother, especially the wedding at Cana.  I also suggested that there are places where the mothering God is prodding us to move ahead with ministry.  The congregation was very receptive and appreciative of my preaching efforts.

As a special joy, Kristen and Kaylan Burkey and Brenda Ferguson from Wedgewood came down to hear me preach.  It was a joy to have them in the congregation.  I called them my “fan club.”  They stayed for Sunday School and then went out to eat with my family.  It was a wonderful time of enjoying being mothers and nurturing each other.

The final event in my Mothers Day Weekend came when John and Jackie took me out for dinner at Sweet Carrot.  As you know, I love Sweet Carrot and being there with John and Jackie was extra special.

I am thankful for the blessing of my wonderful mother.  She continues to be supportive and nurturing even though I am so old.  My son, who made me a mother, continues to be a great source of joy in my life.  I am also thankful for women and men who have mothered and mentored me.  I try to make sure I give thanks for all of them on Mothers Day.

How about you?  Did you have a a good Mothers Day Weekend?