Moving Service by Tom and Karen

Tom and I should open a moving service company.  We have helped so many people move over the years!  I don’t think we have a single good friend or family member who we haven’t helped move.  I am an expert at packing boxes and Tom is an expert at packing them into a truck for moving.

Me, Eric, Sandy, Dana, and Tom all ready to get to work

Tom and Karen’s Moving Service has been hard at work the last few weeks.  Our first move was at Eric and Sandy’s – friends from the Akron area.  I’m not sure how many times we have moved Sandy but it is close to a half dozen at this point.  Into an apartment, into another apartment, into a third apartment.  Then into a house.

Sandy runs a home for old people – all of them her relatives.  So every time one of them moves in or out of her house, she calls us to help.  We moved her father-in-law in.  Then we moved her grandmother in.  We moved her grandmother out and moved her parents in.  Sandy has a big house, a bigger heart and difficulty saying no.  Consequently she also stores stuff for other people in her house.  Most of which we have helped move in or out.

Heaviest console TV in the world

Sandy called on our moving service a few weeks ago.  Her father-in-law, Max, died at the age of 100 in his bedroom in Sandy and Eric’s house.  Sandy’s father was taking over the in-law suite of rooms.  We needed to move Max’s stuff out and Sandy’s dad’s stuff in.

Everything was already in the house, but some of it was in the basement and needed to be loaded on a trailer to go to Goodwill.  Some of it needed to be moved from the first floor to the basement.  And Mr. Walliser’s stuff needed to be moved from the second floor to the first floor.  So many big, heavy pieces of furniture.  So many steps!  But we did it.  We got everything moved where it needed to go.

We moved four couches!

Of course, Tom and I expect to be paid for our moving service.  Sandy and Eric paid us in thanks, in laughter and in friendship.  And they continue to pay us by coming to visit and by keeping in touch wherever we are.

We are happy to put our muscles (our gifts) to work for good.  We are glad to make life a little easier for others.