Oculus Quest: Virtual Reality in the RV

Headset and controllers

Tom got an Oculus Quest for Christmas.  Well, I ordered it at the beginning of December and it finally shipped the middle of January, so it was a late Christmas present.  It was also, pretty much, his only Christmas present as John and Jackie went in with me on it.

Tom loves to play video games.  He likes shooter games where he can get into games with other people on the internet.  The first year we lived in the RV had such limited internet access that he got rid of his video game console.  But when the Oculus Quest came out, Tom researched it and decided it was something he could get excited about.

Although you download games from the internet, you don’t have to be connected to play, which was a bonus.  Also, there is a broad variety of games which don’t require special equipment or a game console.  This is a great space saver in the RV.

Here is how it works.  When the Oculus Quest first comes, you have to download the programs and the trial versions of games that come with it.  The only game that came with the headset was Vader Immortal.  Of course, being ardent Star Wars fans, this was the most important game.  Once the headset is charged and the beginning programs downloaded, you put on the headset and adjust the straps for a comfortable fit.

Then you set up the guardian – a virtual reality set of walls that keep you from running into things in the room.  This is especially important in our small living room.  The headset remembers the guardian so you don’t have to set it up unless you change where you are playing.  Next, you fire up a tutorial on how to use the system and begin playing.

Me playing Dance Central

As Tom plays, he moves around a lot but he doesn’t run into things, thanks to the guardian.  I usually hide out on the couch to give him a bigger playing area.  He has now downloaded several games and enjoys playing them in the evening.  He usually plays for about an hour and then takes the headset off.

I have tried the Oculus Quest a few times.  Tom downloaded Dance Central for me, because I always likes the dance video games.  I enjoy doing it but get frustrated by having to pick each song from the “cell phone” I am holding in my “hand.”  I would like the songs to play one after another.  Tom finds the virtual reality fascinating and amazing.  I find it annoying.  The headset also bothers me when I am “dancing.”

Tom thinks the Oculus Quest is the “best thing ever.”  He especially likes the game “Espire” because it gives him the most immersive 3D experience.  He is often crouched down on the floor “creeping” in the game.  But his favorite game is the “Vader Light Saber Dojo” game.  He gets to practice being a Jedi, using the force and his light saber.

Tom tried playing the Oculus Quest outside one night.  Espire really needs more room than our living room has.  But it turns out the Oculus Quest can’t see in the dark.  And, so far, Tom has been reluctant to go outside and play during the day.  I can’t imagine why.

I may not play the Oculus Quest much, but I am happy Tom is enjoying his Christmas present.