Oglethorpe Point Elementary Thank You Letters

I recently wrote about going to Oglethorpe Point Elementary for Georgia History Day.  You can read that post here, in case you missed it.  We spent the day with four kindergarten classes, teaching six year olds about Georgia history.  Since that time, we have seen several of these kindergartners at the Fort or at the STEAM event.  But we recently connected with these students through a package of thank you letters they sent.

Kindergartners aren’t known for their letter writing ability.  The thank you notes show obvious signs of the teacher writing words on the board and the students copying them.  The general text of most of the notes is “Thank you Fort Frederica.”  The teacher wrote some other words on the board which some students copied like a list:  “old clothing, pocket, hat, sword, bullet holder.”

More individualized than the words, however, were the wonderful pictures the students at Oglethorpe Point Elementary drew.  I am including an assortment in this post so you can enjoy them too.  Tom is obviously the guy in the red clothes.  I appear in the pictures less often – colonial women’s clothes are not as impressive.  But that is okay.  Tom also appears more often in pictures people take at Fort Frederica.

So here are some of the thank you notes written and drawn by the kids from Oglethorpe Point Elementary.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.