Pier Pressure: Hanging Out at the Pier

One of our favorite island activities is walking around “downtown” with a stroll along the pier at the town center.  We try to walk along the pier frequently because you never know what you will find on or around it.

The jetty juts out from Neptune Park, a lovely park along the oceanfront on the south end of the island.  The park contains a waterpark, miniature golf course, playgrounds, lots of benches, and a picnic area.  We often see families playing and flying kites or groups of senior citizens shooting the breeze while enjoying the ocean breezes.  The wonderful view includes Jekyll Island, container ships moving out to sea from the Brunswick docks, and the St. Simons Lighthouse.

I like to watch the fishermen and the birds that watch them.  One day we saw a huge pelican standing on the rail of the pier.  People could get very close to the pelican because he was watching a fisherman next to him.  Maybe the pelican thought he would be able to steal a fish.  Seagulls frequent the dock, but so do cormorants, terns and skimmers.  I’ve gained a new appreciation for pelicans this year.  They may look ungainly, but they are powerful flyers and fishers.  They dive unafraid into shallow waters to catch their fish.

When we go down to the pier in the mornings, we often see artists painting.  Lots of people walk their dogs in the park and enjoy the brisk ocean breeze.  The library offers rocking chairs on its porch so people can relax after a stroll.  The two ice cream shops downtown do a good business when the weather is warm.

Four funny folk
From one end of the pier
Shooting the breeze
Container ship going by

Sunsets are especially awesome down at the pier.  Last week we went down at low tide during the new moon and were able to walk on the beach under the pier at sunset.   Even though a cold wind blew, it was beautiful.

We love to walk St. Simons pier and along the oceanfront in Neptune Park.  It is one of the most beautiful places on this wonderful island.