Raining on the RV

When you live in an RV, you pay more attention to storms.  Shortly after we moved in to the RV, we had a storm that spawned some tornadoes.  None of them were in our immediate vicinity, but there were warnings and the tornado siren went off for our area.  There is a tornado shelter in The Willows but Tom and I decided to play it safe and headed for church.  I know many people who spent that evening in their basements.

It has been raining a lot the last few days.  There were a few thunderstorms and I made sure I stayed on top of the flash flood warnings and thunderstorm warnings.  Fortunately there weren’t any tornado warnings this time.

I’ve read on some blogs and forums that RVers should just move out of an area when there is severe weather forecasted.  After all, this is the advantage of having a home on wheels.  It would only take 10 minutes to have the RV ready to move, but where do you go?  It is too late to move when the tornado sirens go off and if the storms are scattered or blanketing the entire state, where do you go that is “safe”?  I can understand moving out when a hurricane is forecast – there is usually several days of warning – but tornadoes are a different story.

So we stayed put and enjoyed the sound of the rain on the RV through the nights – kind of like sleeping under a tin roof.  But I’m paying attention to the warnings and I will know where the tornado shelters are wherever we go.  My running shoes are beside the bed!