Red Oak Pub in Newark Ohio: A Great Place to Meet

I might as well make this restaurant review week.  We went to so many restaurants while we were in Ohio.  We love to see our friends and family and we love to eat.  Fellowship and food go hand in hand for us – must be our church backgrounds!  The last Ohio restaurant review is the Red Oak Pub in Newark, Ohio.

I try to eat at a restaurant at least twice before I review it.  If I have a good experience, I want it to be repeated before I tell you about it.  So this was the second time we ate at the Red Oak Pub in Newark.  The restaurant is halfway between where we stay in Delaware and where our friend, Karen Graham, lives in New Concord.  Karen is very good about meeting us halfway.

The Red Oak Pub is owned by Michael and Andre Sarap.  It is not a chain.  The Saraps owned a franchise restaurant previously but it faltered in 2008 with the recession and they decided to become an independent restaurant with a vision.  They wanted to have the best burgers and best American food, along with great domestic and craft beer, in a clean, family fun-filled atmosphere.  They opened this restaurant in 2012.

Their vision has been fulfilled in this restaurant.  The restaurant was busy both times we went.  We ate there at lunchtime in May and had their wonderful burgers.  This time we ate at supper time and every table was full.  There was a short line on a Wednesday night but they were moving people in and out in a timely manner.  Our table was next to the busy bar area and felt rather exposed.  The restaurant was noisy, but all restaurants seem noisy to me these days.

We had a conscientious waitress who gave us just the right amount of attention.  Our food was served fresh, hot, and delicious.  It was just the way we ordered it with the proper things added or deleted.  Tom and I both had really good salads.  My mandarin chicken salad had lots of chicken on it.  Karen had chili and a half sandwich.

We were celebrating Karen’s birthday and the waitress brought her a chocolate chip cookie sundae.  Of course, Tom and I couldn’t let her eat dessert alone so we ordered the same dessert.  The cookies were too hard to cut with a spoon but I broke mine up and enjoyed it with the ice cream.

The Red Oak Pub is a really good place to eat in Newark, Ohio.  The food is good and served hot and fresh.  We like the atmosphere with people of all ages enjoying a meal together.  The television screens are prominent over the bar but not noticeable in the rest of the restaurant.  I’m sure we will eat there again with Karen when we go back to Ohio.  Good friends and good food.  A great combination!