Retrieving the Schacht Wolf Pup Loom

I mentioned last fall that I ordered a Schacht Wolf Pup Loom after my weaving class at Red Stone Glen.  I was very excited about getting the loom and had visions of weaving dish towels for everyone in the family for Christmas.  Unfortunately, the loom was delayed and I didn’t end up retrieving it until the middle of December.

Retrieving the loom was an adventure all by itself.  The loom was shipped from the Schacht Spindle Company in Boulder Colorado.  Each loom is made after it has been ordered, so you have to wait for the loom to be manufactured.  November and December are especially busy times for the factory, as people order looms for Christmas presents.

Finally, I got an email from the Schacht Spindle Company that said my loom was being shipped.  Then I got an email and text from FedEx saying that the loom would be delivered on Friday, December 13.  We were also told that we would have to sign for the loom in order for it to be delivered.  Tom and I waited around that Friday, ready to head to John and Jackie’s to sign for the box, retrieving the loom.  But nothing.

Late in the day I got another text saying that the loom would be delivered on Sunday.  That seemed like an odd date for delivery but we were going to be at John and Jackie’s anyway for the afternoon, so it would work out.  We watched the Browns game and had some food, but by 7:00 pm no loom.  Then another text saying it would be delivered Monday.

Monday morning I called FedEx customer service to see if there was an alternative way of retrieving the loom.  The woman I spoke to was extremely rude.  She didn’t want to work with me.  She said the loom had already been loaded on a delivery truck and would be delivered that day.  They couldn’t take it off the truck and it was the driver’s responsibility to deliver it.  But she also said we didn’t have to sign for it.  So we asked Jackie to let us know, via their Ring doorbell, when the loom came and we would go get it.

But Monday evening, still no loom.  Finally, another text saying it would be delivered Tuesday.  At this point I was pretty disgusted with FedEx’s delivery system.  So I called Customer Service again.  I got a nicer lady this time who sent me to a customer advocate.  She located the loom, which was still on the truck from Colorado and had just arrived in Columbus.  She also arranged for the loom to be taken off the truck and left at the Columbus facility for us to pick up.  What a reasonable solution!

So, Tuesday morning Tom and I drove to the large FedEx warehouse near the Columbus airport.  We called in and were told where to go to get the loom.  We drove into the warehouse and, in a few minutes, a woman drove up in a golf cart with my loom.  Tom loaded it in the backseat and we headed home.

I never dreamed retrieving the loom would be so complicated.  Turns out a big snowstorm in Colorado had held up delivery and the automated FedEx texting system was not in sync with where things actually were.  It would have saved me a whole lot of hassle if they had just waited to text me until the loom was in Columbus.