Sagers Move

Tom and I had to be back in Ohio by May 22 so that we could help the Sagers move.  The Sagers are my sister’s family.  In our family, whenever we can, we help each other move into and out of homes.  Not only are we helping, but we are surrounding the new living space with the love and blessings that only a family can bestow.

When Tom and I showed up on Friday afternoon, there was still a lot to pack.  I am always amazed at how it can look like you are pretty well packed until you start opening all the cupboards that most homes have.  We packed from 1 p.m. until 9 p.m. at which point Tom and I called it quits for the day.  It looked like all the rooms except the bedrooms were pretty well packed up, but it is hard to tell when you are surrounded by stacks of boxes.

Jared thinks the house is all packed up
Stacks of boxes
The moving company
These guys worked really hard all day long
The Sagers new house
The family moving crew
Julia and Mike check their mailbox for the first time
Jenna put together the spice rack
Mom organized the pantry
Jared’s new room
Dad hooking up the washer and dryer
Still a few boxes in the basement
Movers putting together the entertainment system
Tom putting in window screens
Julia unpacking boxes in the bedroom

Saturday we arrived bright and early to finish packing and help with the move.  I’m not sure how much sleep the Sagers had gotten but I’m sure it wasn’t enough.  Moves are hard – physically and emotionally.  The moving trucks arrived at 9 and started loading up the house.  The “Move It Now” guys were efficient and cheerful.  A couple of them even posed when I took their pictures.  Thinking the moving part was under control, most of us headed to the new house to clean before the stuff started coming in.

The Sagers new house is smaller but is a nice-sized brick ranch.  It needs some love and updates, but has fewer stairs for my sister’s cranky knees and fewer bedrooms.  Jared, the younger son, is graduating from Green High School next week and will be heading off to Miami University.  Devon, the older son, will be a senior at the University of Akron and will be moving into his own apartment after six weeks in Spain.  The house is also less expensive which will help with college bills and saving for retirement.

The movers arrived with the first two truck-loads after lunch.  As they delivered boxes and furniture to the designated spaces, the rest of us unpacked.  Mom and I set up the kitchen.  Jared worked on his room.  Julia got her craft room unpacked.  Steve and Dad hooked up the washer and dryer and other appliances.  Mike, who had directed the packing at the old house, took Devon to the airport for Devon’s trip to Spain.

It took four truck-loads to empty the old house, and by the time the last box was unloaded and furniture placed and put together, it was 9 p.m.  We were all pretty tired and the new house was uncomfortably full.  I’m sure Julia and Mike will be doing some more winnowing to get the stuff in the new house right-sized.  But beds were made, clothes were (mostly) unpacked, and the living room was all put together.

Sunday we emptied the rest of the boxes and Julia and Mike continued to unpack.  Jared took care of cleaning the gutters (full of maple spinners) and cleaning off the roof.  Monday we all met at the old house and cleaned it from top to bottom in preparation for the new owners moving in on Wednesday.  When we were done cleaning, we all headed to Handel’s ice cream for a well-deserved treat.

We were glad to help the Sagers move.  We all worked really hard over the four days of the move but Sagers are settling in to the new house and making it their own.  Soon Mike and Julia will be dealing with an empty nest, so this is a difficult time of transition for them.  I pray that the home will be a place of blessing and peace for Julia and Mike in the years ahead.