Seen at the Visitors Center

Ranger Anton talking to a school group
Ranger Anton talking to a school group

Sometimes Tom and I see strange and unusual things at the Visitors Center.  One day last week we had 300 school children in the building in the morning.  That was a little unusual – the number, not the school children.  We often have school groups visiting the Chickamauga Battlefield.

When the school groups are visiting we see some other strange sights:  Confederate soldiers.  Most of the rangers do interpretive programs where they dress like a Civil War soldier, usually Confederate because we are in Georgia.  They give a lot of attention to being accurate in their costumes.  So here are a few of the rangers in their Confederate soldier uniforms.

memphis 124We have had two groups of historic cars at the Visitors Center.  One came last week and consisted entirely of cars from the 1920’s, beautifully restored.  This week another group stopped by in cars from the 1930’s through a 1964 Mustang.

aquarium 023A couple of weeks ago when it was still hot, the air conditioning broke in the Point Park Visitor Center.  It was still working in the museum and only one door separates the Visitor Center from the museum so one of the rangers decided to prop the door open.  He found a wooden wedge and stuck double-sided poster tape to one side (so it would stop sliding).  But he was worried about people tripping over it.  He found an orange cone, but it was so big it was blocking the door.  After some thought, he used two red water bottles that we sell in the Bookstore on either side of the wedge.  It worked like a charm.  The Visitors Center got some of the benefit of the air conditioning and no one tripped over the wedge or the bottles.

You never know what can be seen at the Visitors Center.  Being ready for anything keeps our jobs interesting!