Signs We Saw Along the Way

In our travels, Tom and I see lots of signs.  This post is the latest installment of signs we saw along the way.  I have shared some of our favorites in three posts before.  If you want to review them, you can find them here:  2015, 2017, and 2018.

As you can see, there is quite a gap from 2018 to the end of 2021.  I’m not sure whether we stopped paying attention or if we got jaded and things didn’t seem as funny.  During the pandemic, the last couple of years, we have seen a lot of fun signs.  But, for one reason or another, I just didn’t take pictures of them.  Some of my favorites have been the social distancing signs you can find at almost every national park site.  Here are a few we have enjoyed, including one from our “home” park, Fort Frederica.

Fort Frederica social distancing sign with colonial musket and alligator
Generic NPS sign. I especially like the T-Rex
Pompey’s Pillar socially distancing

National Park rangers have a great sense of humor and we saw lots of signs that they posted.  I didn’t take pictures of enough of them, but here are a couple that I especially enjoyed.

Seen at Teddy Roosevelt National Park
A sign with LOTS of detail about Fort Union Trading Post

Among the signs we saw were signs on cars we passed, or that passed us.  The big truck has a tiny little toy truck fastened to its empty bed, which I thought was hilarious.  Everyone needs Goose Control and we have had enough delicious City BBQ to want to drool on the windows.  Good thing they warned us against that.

Lots of people love to demonstrate their sense of humor, even when they are being serious.  Sometimes the humor is in the irony.  In these pictures, you can see a landowner who isn’t happy about people having to cross his land to reach Killdeer Mountain State Historic Site.  Another person found a use for their old range.  The Main Street sign at the corner of a field and the prairie.  The sign in the snow-covered, empty parking lot telling you where to go if the parking lot is too crowded.  The road closed sign where there no road has been for years.  Tom and I actually turned around to get a picture of that sign.  I love the maniacal Porky Pig saying “No Mask, No BBQ!”

Two last signs.  One that we didn’t take a picture of, but have laughed about frequently.  It was on the door of a Chinese Restaurant that said “We Close Now.”  No explanation.  No “back in . . .”  So simple and so evocative.  The last one is a sign that we saw at Hershberger’s Farm Antique Store.  Simple advice for the handyman in all of us.

What have you found funny lately?  Are there any signs you saw?