Skippers Fish Camp in Darien Georgia

Our boss, Ranger Michael, lives near Darien so we asked him for a recommendation of a place to eat after we visited Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation.  Michael said his favorite place was Skippers Fish Camp, so we decided to give it a try.  I was glad we asked for the recommendation, because we would never have found it on our own.

Skppers Fish Camp is on the main east-west road in Darien but it is tucked behind the line of buildings on the street.  The entrance is even harder to locate than the building, but we eventually found our way in.  Skippers is behind everything else so it can be located on the waterfront of the Altamaha River.  The location is picturesque with shrimp boats docked up and down the river.

We got to Skippers Fish Camp just before the lunch rush.  Darien is a really small town – fewer than 2,000 people – so we were surprised by the line of people that formed just after we arrived.  We got the last table before the line.  The menu features seafood and bbq with a variety of sandwiches.  I got a loaded baked potato.  Tom and Dad both had burgers.  Mom ordered tuna fish with sweet potato souffle.

Must be the right direction
Entrance is down here somewhere
Must be getting close
Found it!
The alligator chef
Loaded baked potato
Burger and Fries
Tuna Salad and sweet potato souffle
Big chair out back
How are you getting out of there?
Shrimp boats on the Altamaha River

All of the food was delicious!  My baked potato was huge!  I immediately divided it in half and took the second half home for supper.  All the food was fresh and colorful, served just as we ordered.  But, again, the service wasn’t as attentive as we would have liked.  Our waitress had lots of tables in two separate rooms and she was really busy.  Our table had a good view of the door and the line of people so we enjoyed watching people come in and out.

After the meal we headed to the restroom before resuming our explorations.  The restroom was probably the worst part of Skippers Fish Camp – but it was a single-seater and had been in constant use.  Tom enjoyed the meal so much he bought a Skippers Fish Camp shirt which he wears frequently.  So eat there, enjoy the delicious food, but skip the restroom.

  • Kristin Burkey

    Another restaurant with no dessert? What’s going on down south?

    • revkaren54

      I don’t know. You would think they would have great desserts here – peach cobbler, pecan pie . . . Hard to find a place with good desserts. Probably better for me.

  • Kristine Moye

    Tom looks like Edith Ann in that big chair! 🙂

    • revkaren54

      Isn’t he cute!