Tastys Fresh Burgers and Fries, Amelia Island

The first time Tom and I went to Amelia Island, we ate at Tastys Fresh Burgers and Fries.  Tom and I like diners and mom and pop shops.  We aren’t fancy and don’t like spending a ton of money on food.  So our friend Wendy recommended Tastys as a place we should try.  Her recommendation was right on the money.

We ate at Tastys Fresh Burgers and Fries after walking around Fort Clinch State Park all morning.  We had worked up a bit of an appetite.  Tastys, at the intersection of Atlantic and Centre Streets, is easy to find.  We parked a block away and walked back to the small diner.

Inside, we stood in a long line to order.  The eating area was busy, noisy, and full, partly because it was a cooler day outside.  The tables outside were empty but we weren’t tempted.  By the time we ordered a couple of seats at the wall were empty so we sat down to wait for our food.

The menu is basic, but they have several fish sandwiches in addition to burgers.  There are also vegetarian options, salads, and hot dogs.  I got a cheeseburger melt and Tom got a cheeseburger.  We shared some fries.  The melt was excellent:  hot and drippy with fat and beef juice.  The fries were also very good.  Tom wasn’t a big fan of his sesame seed bun, but he liked the burger.  We did not try a milkshake but I’m sure they are very good.

Chad and Katy Dougherty opened Tastys Fresh Burgers and Fries in 2011.  They based the restaurant on an old Freezette drive-in owned by Chad’s grandmother.  They wanted to offer always fresh, never frozen, burgers and fries with the best ingredients.  Most of the meals at Tastys cost less than $15, which make them a bargain on the island.  The restaurant has been very successful, leading to three more being opened in the area in the last few years.

We enjoyed eating at Tastys Fresh Burgers and Fries and were glad Wendy recommended it.  For many people it is already an island tradition.