Teriyaki Madness: Big Bowls of Awesome

As I mentioned last week, Tom and I have started ordering delivery.  This last week we had delivery from Teriyaki Madness, a new restaurant at Polaris.  Life has been so monotonous for so long that we are looking for anything to brighten it up and make it more interesting.  Thus our new interest in ordering from restaurants we have never tried before.

We got an ad in the mail from Teriyaki Madness when it opened at Polaris around the first of the year.  The pictures looked great and there was enough fun in the advertisement that it made us remember it.  Their motto is “It takes huge bowls to make something this awesome.”  They feature “free-range zucchini” and “cage-free carrots.”  No msg and everything is as fresh as possible.

Teriyaki Madness is similar to Panda Express, which we also enjoy, but it has some differences.  Our local Panda Express doesn’t have brown rice, which is a must for me.  Also, at Panda Express, I have to choose between rice and vegetables.  Teriyaki Madness has brown rice and includes fresh, steamed or stir-fried vegetables with all their dishes.  Like Panda Express, you choose a base and add an entrée.

Teriyaki Madness had its first shop in Seattle, starting about 20 years ago.  A visitor opened another shop in Las Vegas and things started expanding from there.  In 2016, Michael Haith was hired as CEO with the intention of creating franchises across the United States.  Since then business has been booming.  There are currently about 100 Teriyaki Madness locations, but the one at Polaris is the only one in Ohio.

When Tom and I ordered, we both got orange chicken.  It was a low-sodium option and I really like orange chicken.  Anything with teriyaki is not a low sodium option.  I got the medium bowl with brown rice and steamed vegetables and an egg roll on the side.  Tom got a large bowl with steamed vegetables as his base.  We didn’t realize that every dish came with vegetables – another reason to love Teriyaki Madness.  Tom also got a side of Mad sauce.

The orange chicken was delicious with just the right amounts in my medium bowl.  I enjoyed every bit of it without feeling stuffed.  Tom’s large bowl was too much and he ended up not eating about half of the vegetables.  The egg roll was very good with just the right amount of crisp on the outside.  Tom really liked the Mad sauce.  He said it was very spicy, starting out sweet and then building heat as time went on.  I’m sure John wouldn’t think it was hot, but Tom thought it was just right.

Tom and I will definitely be getting Teriyaki Madness again – probably soon.  Fresh, delicious, and delivered to our door.  That’s about as good as it gets right now.