Visit from Mom and Dad

Last week Tom and I enjoyed a visit from my mom and dad.  We got to spend most of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with them and enjoyed every minute.  We also packed the days as full as we could with sightseeing.

We started Mom and Dad’s visit with a trip to our favorite Revolutionary battle site:  Kings Mountain NMP but we also hit up Cowpens and Ninety-Six on Monday and Tuesday.  We had gorgeous weather their whole visit and so we watched the battlefield movies, took our time in the museums and walked the battlefield trails at all three parks.  Tom and I had not seen the Kings Mountain movie since the first day we were here, so it was a good refresher for us.

Mom and Dad, Tom and me at Kings Mountain
The four of us at Cowpens
Everybody together at Ninety-Six

Each day we also went to a restaurant we enjoyed.  Tuesday we had lunch with Mom and Dad at Bubba’s Bash and BBQ.  Still very good pulled pork and hush puppies.

soldiers 014Monday night we ate at our favorite restaurant in the Carolinas (so far), Fatz Cafe.  The first time I saw a sign for Fatz, I thought it was an odd name for a restaurant.  After all, I don’t like being fat, so why would I want to eat at Fatz?  But one day we needed internet and we needed an inexpensive place that would let us park for a while and we ended up at Fatz.  We used our computers for two hours in a booth enjoying delicious food, refills on Dr. Pepper and iced tea, and never feeling like they were in a hurry to get us out of there.  The lunch sizes were perfectly proportioned and the pot roast was the best I have ever had.

So we went there with Mom and Dad.  Since that first visit we had found out that supper portions are about double the lunch portions.  So Tom and I shared a plate of Calabash chicken (Fatz specialty) and Mom and Dad shared a plate of the same thing.  Sooooo good.  Then for dessert we had another specialty of the house:  a hot-from-the-oven deep dish toll house cookie with vanilla ice cream on top.  We also shared that.  I’m sure I could eat a whole one by myself, but then Fatz would become a more appropriate description for me.  Mmmmm.  The gooey chocolate deliciousness set off by ice cream melting into our spoons.  Even better than the Calabash chicken.  By splitting our meals and our desserts we were full without feeling that we had eaten too much.

Poppy seed rolls start off every meal
Lunch portion of Calabash chicken

Notice that I’m saying much more about Fatz than I am about the battlefields we visited.  You get enough of the battlefields already on the blog.  But you can never get too much of Fatz Cafe!  They are a chain located primarily in North and South Carolina, although you can also find them in some places in Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia.  But none in Ohio – yet.

We went other places with Mom and Dad but you will have to wait until tomorrow to see where.  Right now – I think I’m going to Fatz!