Visitors Few and Far Between During Pandemic

Usually I do a post on the visitors we have while we are working at a site.  We had expected lots of visitors this year, but the pandemic screwed that up.  So we really valued the few visitors we had – some familiar faces among all the weirdness.

Our first visitors (back before 2020 got thrown in the dumpster) were the Ruhs.  Bill and Barbara were heading down to Florida for their annual Habitat for Humanity work.  Leaving Massachusetts in January and visiting Barbara’s family in Florida also contribute to their move.  We had a very enjoyable supper in a restaurant.  Ah, the good old days when we used to sit at a table in a restaurant and order from a menu that we held in our hands.

We had some unexpected visitors in February.  Linda and Keith Hunsucker from Mogadore stopped by the Fort.  We are just at the “you look familiar” stage with Hunsuckers.  Her mother lives next door to our good friends the Shumans, so we had seen each other over the years from a distance.  They rented a house on St. Simons for a month, so it was fun to see them when they came by as tourists.

Kris Moye came down for several very fun days, but I wrote about all that in February.  I’m glad she came when she did because it was the last time we got out and explored.

We made tentative plans to see Nell and Randy Benefield at Skidaway Island near Savannah.  They were heading there March 15.  But then the pandemic hit and the plans got scrapped.  Randy also needed back surgery which was postponed until early in June, so their volunteering time at Skidaway didn’t happen.

Our only other visitor was Ranger Caitlyn Edwards.  We worked with her our first year at Fort Frederica and have visited with each other once a year since.  She works at Fort Sumter in Charleston now.  Her parents live in Orlando, so they met her up here on St. Simons and spent several hours here at the Fort.  We enjoyed our visit with her very much, catching up on what has been happening beyond Facebook.

What our visitors lacked in quantity, they made up for in quality.  We are always thankful for people who take the time to come visit us at our various locations.