While Tom Is Gone

Tom has been gone this last week at Mountain TOP and I have been parked in Akron by myself.  Several people have expressed concern that I will be lonely or bored.  Ha!  How little they know me.  I miss Tom, sure, but I enjoy time to myself and love (for a little while) ordering my life without having to answer to anyone else.

So how have I been spending my week?  I’ve been reading and writing.  I finished reading two books this week and made a good start on a third that will take me forever to read (Peter Cozzens’ “This Terrible Sound:  The Battle of Chickamauga” – 600 pages of little tiny print).  I have had plenty of time with my blog and time to do some other writing as well.  I’m all caught up on my e-mail and on the blogs that I follow.

My favorite thing this week has been my daily excursion to see friends.  Saturday was the wedding.  Sunday was spent with my sister and her family.  Monday I met a friend for lunch.  Tuesday I had supper with the Disciple Bible Study group I taught my last year at Wedgewood.  Wednesday I took a long walk and had supper with Chris.  Thursday I had lunch with Karen.  Friday I had lunch and a nice walk with my sister.  Today was breakfast with Deborah and a graduation party this afternoon.  Monday (our last night in Akron) will be supper with our longtime “gang.”  This has been plenty of out and about time for me.  I have also been to see my doctor and had an eye exam but those are just routine, not fun.

One prayer shawl knit mostly at Annual Conference
You can see the pretty lace pattern
Second prayer shawl with bright and cheerful colors

I have also been knitting and watching movies.  I watch the movies that I love and Tom doesn’t like, such as “Unbreakable,” “50 First Dates,” “Signs,” and a lot of musicals.  While I watch I knit prayer shawls.  I have two finished and ready to turn in at church on Sunday.  I was hoping to have a third finished, but the pattern is more time-consuming than I expected.  I really enjoy knitting but when Tom is around I enjoy holding his hand or leaning against him when we are watching tv.  It is hard to knit and hold hands at the same time!

I will be glad for Tom to come home tonight.  But I have enjoyed my week with Tom gone.  As much as we enjoy being together, you appreciate each other more if you occasionally have a little time apart.