From November 2016

People We Meet

Last week the people of the United States elected a new president.  It was not the president-elect that many of us were expecting or hoping for.  Nevertheless, it is the president we are getting.  Over and over I head that people were shocked.  Or that they never saw it coming.  Or that no one they …

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I Am Praying for Our Country

Today should be a National Day of Prayer for our country.  I know the National Day of Prayer is the first Thursday in May.  But it seems today, on the eve of this extremely contentious presidential election, would be a more appropriate and imperative day of prayer.  So today I am praying. I have refrained from …

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Working with Children

One of my favorite parts about any job I’ve had is working with children.  I generally prefer children to adults because they are eager to learn and explore new ideas.  They don’t hang on so hard to preconceived notions.  They are open to people and experiences.  Even two year olds can be reasonable compared to …

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