Article Published in Escapees Magazine

I got an article published!

Last fall I decided, if I really want to become a published author, I needed to stop dreaming about getting a book published someday and write something for publication now.  I still need to work on that book, but I thought the gratification of getting something smaller published might help inspire me to spend more time on it.  So I submitted an article to Escapees Magazine.

Imagine my surprise when the article was almost immediately (within 24 hours) accepted for publication!  I’ve had other articles published, but someone paid for this one!

The March / April 2017 issue of Escapees Magazine is now available.  If you turn to page 72, you will see my article on Gooseberry Falls in the SKP Stops section!  There is also a picture I took of the Falls.

You might remember Gooseberry Falls from my time last summer in Minnesota.  I wrote a post on it in September.  I decided to send in this submission for several reasons.

First, Escapees Magazine is a magazine for full-time RVers (or wannabes) so the article would apply to the magazine’s target audience.  Second, the SKP (pronounced Escapee) Stops section has the submission guidelines at the beginning of the SKP Stops section so I didn’t have to look them up.  Third, each of these submissions is 300 to 500 words in length which is the usual length of one of my blog posts.  Fourth, I had just visited Gooseberry Falls so I could easily revise the article if needed.

I have been waiting to tell you about getting the article accepted until the Escapees Magazine issue was available.  The magazine is only available by subscription, but I have a screenshot of the article.   Pretty thrilling!

I sent in several more short articles to the SKP Stops. Even submitted a longer “feature” article to Escapees Magazine on the 50 Grand Canyons.  I heard back from the Assistant Editor that they were considering them for future issues.

Getting my first article published is exciting.   It’s a small first step.  Now I need to take more time to write!