Barbara Jeans Restaurant: Easy Southern Dining

Tom and I have only been on St. Simons Island for a week and we have already been to three different restaurants.  I have a feeling that the “Places to Eat” category on my blog will have a lot more entries while we are in Georgia.  Our favorite place so far has been Barbara Jeans Restaurant by the Pier.

We ate at Barbara Jeans Restaurant our very first day on St. Simons.  We had been walking around the pier area when it started pouring down rain.  We ducked into the closest restaurant, which happened to be Barbara Jeans, and decided to eat an early supper there.

Exterior of Barbara Jeans

Barbara Jeans Restaurant is known for its seafood and its southern, home-style cooking.  I don’t eat much seafood, so I was looking for something with chicken and found a salad.  Tom ordered a grilled chicken sandwich.  Before our food came out, the waitress brought an assortment of fresh-baked bread over to the table.  There was jalapeno cornbread (too spicy for me), pumpkin bread (not a big fan of pumpkin) and rolls.  The rolls were just right – delicious!  My salad was also delicious and Tom enjoyed his sandwich on a fresh-baked pretzel roll.

Interior of Barbara Jeans

We ordered a dessert to share called “Chocolate Stuff.”  The menu said they had tried other names but none of them were right so they settled for this.  It was a kind of extra-rich chocolate cream pie / mousse served in a ramekin with a huge helping of real whipped cream on top.  I’m glad Tom and I shared it because it was very good but too much for one person.

Barbara Jean Barta opened her restaurant on St. Simons Island in 1998 and it is a local favorite for many people.  Now it is one of our favorites too.  Because it is “downtown” we will eat there again when we are spending time at the Pier.

Fresh baked bread
Chicken sandwich
“Small” salad
“Chocolate Stuff”
Happy diners