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2022 Weaving Update from All Over

After I wrote about teaching Grace to weave, I realized that I had not written a 2022 weaving update.  In fact, I didn’t write a 2021 weaving update.  So you haven’t been able to see the beautiful things I’ve been creating on my two looms.  You did, of course, see the overshot items I made …

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Teaching Grace to Weave

I have been teaching Grace to weave.  Last fall I offered to teach my niece, Grace Clymer, how to weave.  We didn’t get very far last fall because our schedules had a hard time meshing.  Grace only lives 30 minutes from us, but someone has to bring her up to my house and we all …

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Central Ohio Weaving and Fiber Arts Guild

On Facebook I belong to the “Central Ohio Weaving and Fiber Arts Guild” group.  I also belong to the “Addicted to Knitting”, “8-Shaft Weaving”, “Macomber Loom Owners” and “Kromski Fun” (spinning wheel) groups.  So I get my share of posts about what is going on in weaving, spinning, and knitting.  Facebook is a good resource …

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