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Brogens North on St Simons Island

Tom and I haven’t been trying many new restaurants on St Simons Island.  We have returned to some that we enjoyed before:  Barbara Jean’s, Frederica House, Frederica Cafe, Dairy Queen, and Certified Burger.  Unless we are joining someone else, we just don’t eat out that often.  In February we joined the other volunteers here at …

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Dough Life Edible Cookie Dough

Everyone knows you aren’t supposed to eat raw eggs.  And recently I found this warning on a bag of flour:  “Cook before sneaking a taste.  Flour is raw.  Please cook fully before enjoying.”  So what is a cookie dough lover supposed to do?  Dough Life is the answer! Dough Life Edible Cookie Dough opened a …

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Hickory Hut BBQ in Salina Kansas

Last week I wrote about traveling across the slow roads to Kansas.  When we arrived in Junction City, Kansas, we parked the RV.  The brake actuator needed to be replaced.  While waiting on the brake actuator, we explored a little further afield than we had on previous trips to Junction City.  One of the places …

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