Christmas Cards

Selection of cards at CVS
Selection of cards at CVS

I finished the Christmas cards yesterday and today they will go in the mail.  This year we sent out 80 Christmas cards.  That sounds like a lot, but taking time to keep up with 80 families once a year isn’t so much.  I wrote about the effort of sending Christmas cards last year.  This year seemed easier, largely because I just directed people to the blog.  If you want to know what is going on with my life, just read the blog (thank you for reading the blog!).

I love getting Christmas cards.  I love opening the envelope, usually hand-addressed.  I love seeing the pictures of what families have been doing.  I love reading about the ins and outs of the last year.  Most of my friends aren’t annoyingly perfect (just practically perfect in every way), but the news is generally upbeat and I like seeing what people are doing.  The Christmas cards I get are displayed in one of the few flat surfaces in the RV so I can see them as soon as I get in the door.  I smile every time I see them.

Favorite Christmas card picture ever - from 1996
Favorite Christmas card picture ever – from 1996

But I don’t get as many Christmas cards as I used to, so it got me to wondering if Christmas cards are outdated.  Several people have told me that Facebook helps people keep in touch and Christmas cards are too expensive.  But what I hear when they say things like that is that they are too busy to take the time to write a Christmas card, put a stamp and address on it and send it.

I know people are busy and stressed and it is a hard time of year.  When I was working, I often sent out “Boxing Day” cards, or Happy New Year cards, or even (one year) Valentine’s Day cards.  Getting an e-mail Christmas card, or even worse, a Facebook card, is like getting an invitation via Facebook.  I’m not sure it is really meant for me.  If you are too busy and stressed at Christmas to send out cards – fine.  Send them out after Christmas.  Maybe you will start a new tradition!

This year's Christmas card picture - from our house to yours!
This year’s Christmas card picture – from our house to yours!

Because I love getting Christmas cards, I will continue to send Christmas cards.  I enjoy thinking of each person and praying for them as I sign the cards, add a sentence or two, and address the envelope.  Each of these people is precious to me and I want them to know that I am thinking of them all year, and especially at Christmas.  If you are one of the people who regularly sends me a Christmas card – thank you very much.  I love it!

How about you?  Do you like to get Christmas cards?  Do you send them to others?  Are they old-fashioned and outdated?  Let me know what you think!