Cumberland Gap Small Farmers Market

The town of Cumberland Gap has a Small Farmers Market every first Friday of the month.  I’m not sure why they call it it small – does it describe the size of the market, the size of the farmers, or the size of the space in town?  Tom and I found out about it the day after the one in June, but we have enjoyed going to it every month since then.

Every month the sellers vary.  Some that were here before won’t be here next time.  Some Farmers Markets require the sellers to commit to being there every week.  Cumberland Gap Small Farmers Market is a month-to-month commitment.  Ranger Olivia has sold plants twice at the market.  She suggested I sell my handwoven towels, which I might have done if not for the stupid mice.

Tom and I have been going to so many local things that we are starting to get to know people.  Cumberland Gap is a small town with just 500 residents.  Ranger Brittony lives there and knows everyone and is related to half of them.  It seems like most of them are at the Small Farmers Market when we go.

In July we got a homemade cinnamon roll from one booth and a BBQ sandwich from a food truck.  The food truck had a sign on the side that said “Roney’s BBQ and Grill, established 2023.”  I love the optimism in that sign.  They may have just started but they intend to stick around.  They raise all the meat they make into BBQ.  We got a BBQ sandwich which we split because it was loaded with meat.

Harrogate Plant and Produce had a booth and was doing a brisk business.  Another woman was selling lemonade and berry drinks with her own flavorings.  One woman was selling unwashed fleeces.  Tom thought I should get one but I prefer my wool washed and brushed.  Washed at the very least.  One woman was selling flowers.

It doesn’t take long for us to check out the booths at the Cumberland Gap Small Farmers Market.  But buying and selling isn’t as important for this Farmers Market as talking and being neighborly.  It is all about the community, building it and nurturing the people who live in it.