Farmers Market in Friday Harbor Every Saturday

Because Tom and I work every Saturday, we rarely get to check out community events that happen those days.  During Encampment, however, we worked on Saturday evening, so we had Saturday morning free.  We took advantage of our morning by going to the Farmers Market in Friday Harbor.

The Farmers Market is held every Saturday at the Brickworks in town.  Some of the vendors are inside but most are outside.

The Saturday we went was a gorgeous day with temperatures in the 70’s and lots of sunshine.  People crowded elbow to elbow to see the goods on display and form lines to buy items.  The longest line was at the bakery.  I was more interested in the fresh produce brought in from the small, organic farms that dot the islands.  I got some orange cauliflower, some wonderful cherry tomatoes, and the last of the season’s marionberries.

The open-air restaurant with the best-looking food
Clams galore
Line at the bakery
Yummiest tomatoes
One of the farms
Great-looking produce

There were several open-air restaurants where you could get some great seafood.  A few craft stalls added variety to the offerings.  A fiddler and accordion player provided musical accompaniment.  Although we don’t know many people on the island, we saw about 10 people that we knew also checking out the goods.  Obviously the Farmers Market is the thing to do on Saturday mornings if you live on the island.

I enjoyed checking out the goods for sale although I didn’t buy much.  The market was a little crowded for me – I don’t like being jostled.  Also, crowds interfere with my usual style of gawking.  It would be nice to have the Farmers Market in a more spacious location but the Brickworks is certainly central and easy to walk to from the ferry.  I probably would buy more if it was easier to move around.

Tom and I enjoyed our visit to the Saturday morning Farmers Market.  We are glad we had a chance to attend once during the summer.