Scooting Around San Juan Island

One of the tourists’ favorite ways to get around San Juan Island is to rent a bike or moped when they arrive on the island.  From what we see on the road, Susie’s Mopeds is a favorite rental location.  You can rent a bicycle, an electric assist bike (an asset with the hills on the island), a moped, or a scooter.  From what we have seen, scooting around the island in a “scoot coupe” is the most fun.

A Scoot Coupe is a two person scooter.  When we see them on the road, the people riding in them are having a great time.  They are small and easy to park in a place where parking is generally at a premium.  Whenever we are out at “tourist” spots, we see these cute little mopeds scooting by.

Tom and I thought about renting one, but they cost $160 per day.  It is hard to justify the cost when we have a truck to drive.  But they look like so much fun!  The price includes rental, safety instruction, helmets, and an island map.  Susie also has a rental place on Orcas Island.

The coupes are the perfect size for couples or for adults with young children.  Combined weight for riders can’t be over 375 pounds.  At a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour, you won’t be scooting along over the speed limit, but you don’t want to take some of the curves around here too fast anyway.  Although the scoot coupes are low to the ground, they have a tall flag that waves jauntily above the riders.  Drivers on the island know to look out for the coupes as well as bicyclists.

Reading the reviews makes scooting sound like an adventure.  Maybe we can get a discount rate after Labor Day so we can go scooting too.