Fried Chicka Bang Food Delivery

This last week Tom and I tried two new things:  Fried Chicka Bang, a new place to eat, and DoorDash, a food delivery service.  John and Jackie have been doing food delivery a lot since the pandemic started, but Tom and I usually go and pick our food up.  We are so close to so many places that we pick up our food as we are heading home.

Fried Chicka Bang is a new food delivery place in two locations in Columbus.  The location in Polaris, closest to us, is in the Sunrise Cafe, which is open until 3 p.m., at which point Fried Chicka Bang takes over.  They are open from 4:30 until 8:30 p.m. but you can’t pick up the food.  You have to order it from a delivery service.

We learned about Fried Chicka Bang from John.  For one week only, the last week of January, they were serving a sandwich made with Fartley Farm’s hot sauce:  the Low Blow Slaw Bomb.  John and Jackie ordered it one night and the pictures they sent us looked delicious.  We decided we had to try it.

The “restaurant” only has fried chicken sandwiches, wings, and salads.  Tom wanted the Low Blow Slaw Bomb, but I don’t like foods with anything spicy hot.  We decided on DoorDash as our delivery service and ordered the sandwich for Tom and some wings with BBQ sauce for me.  Both items came with waffle fries.

Ordering from DoorDash was surprisingly fun.  They sent us a text when they got the order.  Then they sent us another when the order was ready.  We got a third text when our “dasher” was almost there and a fourth text when the food was delivered to our doorstep.  Because we were first time customers, the usual delivery fee was waived but we left a good tip to compensate.

The food was wonderful and addictive.  Tom said the Low Blow Slaw Bomb had just the right amount of heat:  enough to give him a glow without being too hot.  I liked my wings and had enough of them for lunch the next day.  The waffle fries were also good.  The chicken was crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside.

We enjoyed our meal from Fried Chicka Bang very much and would consider ordering from there again.  But not soon.  Too much sodium for us with our low-sodium diets.  And, unfortunately, the Low Blow Slaw Bomb was only available the one week and is off the menu now.