Odds and Ends

The RV in the service bay
The RV in the service bay

Tom and I are in Junction City Kansas getting some repairs done to the RV.  Nothing major, just a list of stuff to fix while it is still under warranty.  The weather has been frigid (as I reported previously) so we are thankful that we were moved into a service bay on Friday.  The service building is heated and we haven’t had to turn on the furnace since we moved inside.  But it is weird having your house inside a building.  If we leave the lights on in the building it looks like it is always day.  If we turn the lights off, it looks like it is always night.  The repairs should be done in the next couple of days and we will be on our way back to Ohio this weekend.

But while we are waiting on the repairs we have been catching up on some odds and ends.  First, we got Dish TV.  We had been thinking about it for a while but got pretty good antennae stations everywhere we’ve been until we went to Livingston.  In Livingston we had four antennae stations and three of them were Christian stations.  My limit is pretty much one sermon a day so that got old fast.  Here in Junction City we got . . . 0 stations!  Zero!  None!  It was hard to believe.  We have lots of DVD movies and several TV series and we could even stream some video, but no football!  Argh!  So we bit the bullet, got a satellite receiver, and signed on to Dish.  Sunday I listened to the Browns on the internet radio while I watched another game, followed by another game, followed by the Sunday night game.  And last night I watched the Monday night game for the first time in a long time.  All in HD too.  Very nice.

Second, despite the cold we have been trying to get some exercise every day.  It has been way too cold to ride the bike so we have been walking.  Fortunately Junction City has lots of nice parks with lots of nice trails, most of them around really pretty ice-trimmed lakes.  There are also two state parks within 15 miles and both have hiking trails.  Today we walked for four miles along the Republican River.  The sun was shining and the temperature actually moved above 32 for the first time in a week.

Third, we have been exploring Junction City, Topeka (an hour away), and Manhattan (the Little Apple, home of Kansas State University, 20 miles away).  Junction City is the home of Fort Riley with the 1st Infantry Division.  You see soldiers and their families everywhere, which is pretty cool.  There is also an excellent Cavalry Museum at Fort Riley which we hope to visit sometime this week.  Of course we have been checking out some good restaurants:  Freddy’s (like Steak and Shake) and Cox Brothers are two favorites so far.

We are being treated well by the people at New Horizons RV (one of the reasons we bought a New Horizons) and are not lacking for things to do.  Odds and ends have a way of filling up the days.  Before we know it we will be finished here and ready to move along.