San Juan Islands Sculpture Park

When Sandy and Eric were here, almost a month ago, we hit just about every tourist spot on San Juan Island.  One of the interesting places was the San Juan Islands Sculpture Park located at the entrance to Roche Harbor.

There are many artists on the San Juan Islands.  The San Juan Islands Sculpture Park displays the work of artists from the Northwest.  Each year, judges from the local universities, select 125 sculptures to display.  The sculptures displayed in the park have the name of the artist and the price of the piece.  If you really fall in love with a piece you can buy it.

The San Juan Islands Sculpture Park sits on 20 acres of nature preserve.  There are paths that wander along Westcott Bay and through the woods around it.  Sculptures are set on the grass, in the woods, and even on some of the trees.  We tried walking on all the paths to see all the sculptures, but we pooped out before we saw all of them.  That just means we get to go back and see something new the next time.

The sculptures covered the gamut.  Some were very abstract and some were representational sculptures that almost felt like they could speak.  Tom loved the moving object sculptures that changed as the wind blew.  My favorite was the dancing women sculpture circle.  It reminded me of my clergy sisters who helped me to dance in ministry.  One of the sculptures was a “friendship totem”:  they encouraged you to sign your name with a wood carver.  Sandy carved a heart with SS+ES inside.  She said she had always wanted to do that!

Even the gates are created by artists
Benches with art
Yes, the dragonflies are this big!
My favorite – Dancing Women
Tom and I tried a little dancing with them
Tom’s favorite: moving objects
Missing a piece of the puzzle? Here it is!
Viking Ninja
Friendship totem
In case you wondered where you were

The San Juan Islands Sculpture Park is free, but they suggest a donation of $5 per person.  There are laminated trail maps you can use during your visit.  It is a beautiful and interesting place to spend a couple of hours while you are on the island.