Silk Road Asian Cuisine in Lewis Center, Ohio

Tom and I recently tried Silk Road Asian Cuisine as a new restaurant.  I haven’t been writing about places to eat much because we aren’t eating in any restaurants.  When we get takeout, we tend to get food from places that are familiar.  After all, half the fun of trying a new restaurant is eating inside and enjoying the ambience.

Most Chinese take-out places don’t have a lot of ambience and Silk Road Asian Cuisine isn’t any different.  I can review the food without feeling like you might be missing a great inside.  It isn’t a great inside.  It is a basic tile floor with fast food tables and chairs.

John and Jackie suggested Silk Road Asian Cuisine at Lewis Center for a recent Saturday lunch together.  It is on the way from our house to theirs so I placed the order and picked it up.  On the webpage the restaurant says that its Grand Opening is May 1, even though takeout is available now.  Also, when you try to order online, it will only let you do so if you order through Grub Hub.  Since I wanted to pick up the order, I just called them.

Ordering was easy and pick-up was contactless.  I called when I got there and the woman who answered told me to come in the first door, sign my receipt, and pick up my food.  When I went in the first door, my receipt and food was on a table.  The door leading on into the restaurant was locked.  I signed the receipt, picked up my food, and we headed on to John and Jackie’s.

The food at Silk Road is basically Chinese, but they have some Thai and Japanese dishes as well.  I liked that they have brown rice available.  Jackie and Tom both got General Tso’s Chicken, John got the Dragon and Phoenix, and I ordered a “Creat Your Own.”  The misspelling is on their webpage.  Mine was very good with chunks of carrots and crisp broccoli.  Tom thought his chicken was stringy, but the flavoring was good.  The fortune cookies were very fresh, although John and Jackie got the same fortune.

We liked the food from Silk Road Asian Cuisine but I think I like Teriyaki Madness better.  If an Asian takeout place has fresh vegetables and brown rice I can enjoy my meal.