Waterfalls Hiding in Dublin, Ohio

Did you know there are two beautiful waterfalls hiding in the heart of Dublin, Ohio?  Last week Tom and I took my parents on a scavenger hunt of Dublin, Ohio and we stopped at both of them.  Now that the weather is warmer, we are eager to get out and explore.  I will tell you more about the scavenger hunt next week, but today I am just focusing on the waterfalls.

The first of the two waterfalls is Hayden Run Falls located at Griggs Nature Preserve (not the same as Griggs Reservoir Park).  The preserve is a boardwalk through a gorge that runs along Hayden Run Road between Dublin Road and the Scioto River.  We walked down several steep flights of steps and then enjoyed a stroll along the boardwalk.  Hayden Run Falls is 30 feet high and had an impressive amount of water flowing over it due to all the melting snow.

Along the boardwalk
Hayden Run Falls
Hayden Run Falls from the top
Dad and me on the observation deck
Tom and Mom on the platform

Mom and Tom walked down the steps and along the boardwalk, taking a selfie at the falls.  Tom said the platform at the falls was a sheet of ice so they were careful.  Dad and I walked up the sidewalk to an overlook.  From there we had a great view of the waterfall and could watch Tom and Mom come along the boardwalk.

After enjoying Hayden Run Falls, we went to the second of the hidden waterfalls, Indian Run Falls.  This waterfall is tucked away between High Street and Bridge Street in Dublin.  The waterfall is not as high as Hayden Run Falls, but it is a pretty waterfall with some cascades and a nature trail through the ravine.  Indian Run Falls is located in Indian Run Falls Park, a Dublin City park.

Indian Run Falls

Again, it was a pretty walk along a nice trail to the observation platforms overlooking the Indian Run Falls.  The south side of the water has a nature trail that goes the length of the park.  The north side of the water has the observation platforms and a couple of picnic spots.

We always enjoy finding bits of natural land in the midst of a city.  The roaring of the waterfalls reminds us that there are some things that are best left alone.