Sonny’s BBQ in Corbin, Kentucky

On the day we went to Corbin, Kentucky, we ate at Sonny’s BBQ.  It was our anniversary dinner, and Tom let me decide where to eat.  We went to Corbin in order to go to the Harland Sanders Café and Museum but I didn’t want fried chicken, as delicious as KFC can be.  I wanted good BBQ.

Sonny’s started as a local BBQ joint in Gainesville, Florida in 1968.  Their webpage says that they are still a local BBQ joint, but with a few more locations.  In fact, Sonny’s BBQ has over 100 locations in eight states.  They haven’t made it to Ohio, yet, which is probably one of the reasons I had never heard of them.  Sonny’s uses the best cuts of meat and smokes them slowly using oak to give them their fabulous smoky flavor.

Everything on the menu looked delicious.  Usually, at a new restaurant, I would try to order something different from Tom so we could try a few more things.  But we both agreed that the Brisket Grilled Cheese sandwich was what we wanted.  I got fries with my sandwich and Tom ordered coleslaw.

Because Sonny’s BBQ is a sit-down restaurant, and our order was taken by a waitress, we expected to wait a while for our order.  She brought our drinks and then, almost immediately, brought our food.  Slow smoked BBQ served fast!  Nothing wrong with that.

The sandwich was delicious with just the right amount of melted cheese and moist brisket.  The crinkle fries were good.  Surprisingly the best part of the meal was the coleslaw.  Although I am a vinegar slaw person, the creamy slaw was the best coleslaw I’ve ever had.  I tried each of the BBQ sauces and they were all good.  None of them were very hot.  My favorite was the sweet.  I liked the selection of sauces although Tom would have liked one that had a little more heat.

There are so many things on the menu that looked good that we will have to return.  Tom looked at the locations, and there is one in Brunswick, Georgia.  We will have to go there when we return to Georgia in January.  See the the Georgia one is as delicious as the one in Corbin.

If you have a chance when you are in the south, try a Sonny’s BBQ.  I hope you enjoy their food as much as Tom and I enjoyed ours.