Working Hard in the Yard

Day lilies by the front door
New tree and shrubs after the old shrubs were removed
Arborvitae and tree framing garage
New boxwoods in front of the fence

Tom and I headed to Delaware this week and we have spent most of our time at John and Jacckie’s (son and daughter-in-law) house.  Like most young couples starting out they have heavy work schedules and a lot of other activities.  So they aren’t home much.  We offered to help them out while we were in town so we have been working hard in the yard all week.

The weather has been great, clear and hot, which Tom loves more than I do.  We have taken out landscaping, planted new flowers, shrubs, and a tree.  John had a big pile of branches over the back fence, which Tom has been chopping up for firewood.  We put in a new bed for a boxwood hedge.  And tomorrow we are building a raised garden bed.

it is nice to fell that we are helping John and Jackie out.  We have also enjoyed eating out and a couple of nights ago we had Graeter’s Ice Cream for the first time.  Yummy!  Glad we did all that yard work!  Tonight John is grilling for us.

We have also registered to vote and I got a library card for Columbus Metropolitan Library.  I will be able to check out e-books wherever I am.  This morning we met the Georgia Peach Truck and bought a box of peaches.  They still have to sit a couple of days, then I will tell you how they are.

We haven’t had time to ride the bike or take many hikes but we have been working hard and enjoying seeing John and Jackie every day.  The free Wifi and laundry are nice too!