Four Years Houseless: Living Full-time in an RV

Getting rid of stuff

Four years ago this week, Tom and I moved out of the house where we lived for 25 years.  Years of preparation went into the move, including two years of actively getting rid of stuff.  The same day we moved out of the house we moved into our New Horizons RV.  We have now lived in the RV full-time for four years.  This is a significant anniversary because it also marks (almost) four years of being retired and (almost) four years of writing this blog.

Although Tom and I are houseless for the last four years, we have certainly not been homeless.  Instead of a 2,000 square foot house set on an acre of land, we now live in 350 square feet of home set on four tires that we pull behind a truck.  We spend more time in our home because we take it with us wherever we go.

Over the last four years we have gotten pretty good at living in an RV.  We know how to check our routes before we travel, watching for overhead obstacles.  When we are traveling, Tom is usually the driver and I am the navigator.  But, because we are so large, I have to be an active navigator.  I need to know what kind of exit is coming up and what lane Tom needs to use.  Google maps is a great help but I also rely on the paper Rand McNally map.  I need to find truck stops and plan rest stops along the way.

What is the best thing about living full-time in an RV?  My favorite thing is exploring the United States with my husband.  We spend most of every day together.  Tom and I are both interested in the places and people we see.  We have different ways of understanding and processing information, so it is always fascinating to compare what we have learned.  Together we are a pretty complete package, and traveling together confirms that for us.

Living in an RV allows us to be at home no matter where we are.  Over the last four years we have lived in Death Valley, Massachusetts, northern Georgia, South Carolina, Minnesota, southern Georgia, Ohio, and Washington State.  We spent at least one night in 42 different states.  With our four month stints of volunteering in the National Parks, we have plenty of time to explore one spot.  We have found great places for BBQ, ice cream, pies, books, and worship.  Wonderful people (and a few stinkers) live everywhere.  Each place is uniquely beautiful and earns a place in our hearts.

Death Valley, CA
Chickamauga, GA
Kings Mountain, SC
Grand Portage, MN
San Juan Island, WA
Fort Frederica, GA

Houseless for four years, we have no intentions of stopping at this time.  Tom and I look forward to more years of moving our home with us.  Together, we will face the adventures and challenges that are down the road.